Film Photography Podcast Episode 64, Check It Out!

"Lake O'Neil, Getting Closer" Shot during Photostock 2012.

Hey guys and gals! If you're reading this blog, chances are you might be a film shooter, or at very least, someone that enjoys photography deeply. Well, at the Film Photography Podcast, we too eat, sleep, and breathe photography. If you haven't already, please check out our latest episode, #64 over at the FPP website.

This new episode features a slew of great interviews from artists at Photostock 2012, and even a sit down with president of the used camera giant, KEH.


What a relief, literally! 

After yet another several days of living in the darkroom, I emerge victorious (this time) with a finished carbon transfer print. This is the result of using a very thick "glop" that's lightly pigmented, highly sugared, under-sensitized, and severely over-exposed. Check out this relief...

For more information on carbon transfer printing, check out Sandy King's legendary article, "The Bostick and Sullivan Book of Modern Carbon Printing", and if you'd like to learn a bit first-hand, I also offer Carbon Transfer Printing Workshops.

See you guys next week, for now, I'm off to Photostock 2012! ^__^


End of June Photography Meetups

As the days grow longer and warmer, photographers all over the northern hemisphere are finding it harder and harder to stay in their homes, looking for excuses to buy more gear. While in the midst of these gorgeous summer days, many photographers will find themselves meeting up, sharing stories, trading prints, and enjoying the days together. If you should find yourself so inclined, make sure to mark your calendar for the next two week's worth of events: 


  • Photostock 2012 - A four day long photographic adventure in Harbor Springs, MI hosted by world-renouned photographer Bill Schwab. Follow the link for location details, as well as a fine list of things to expect. This year they'll also be featuring another famous photographer, Andrew Moore, author of the best selling photography book, "Detroit Disassembled". Be sure to check this marvelous event out; did I mention it's FREE?!
  • Analog's Pulse: A Weeknd in Cleveland - An all-analog photography meetup in the heart of Cleveland, OH. Hosted by Scott Meivogel of Aperture, folks young and old will have four unique photowalks exploring different historic neighborhoods of downtown Cleveland. If you're into urban photography or into film, make sure you don't miss this event. There will also be a variety of prizes in store courtey of Old School PhotoLab and The Film Photography Podcast. Check out the event on Facebook, here


That's it for now folks, it's back to the darkroom printing off some carbon transfers for Photostock 2012, hope to see you at one or both of these fantastic events!

Happy shooting, and long live film.